Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sometimes I Shouldn't Say Words

Okay, so I claimed that the long delays between posts were over...but clearly they weren't. This gap isn't as long, but it's still been months. My sincerest apologies to my lovely friends who always read them! A new one will be coming up shortly, and I mean shortly, damn it!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Inaugural Housekeeping Post

Okay, so anyone who cares/knows about this blog already knows why this big gap happened, but I still feel the need to change my "address nothing but the show" policy to remark on the approximate seven month gap between my episode six and seven posts. I acknowledge that it is there and I know it is. If anyone from the big ol' internet does stumble upon this collection of ramblings in the future and enjoy them, rest assured that I am determined not to disappear like that again! Also, welcome, and aren't you glad you didn't decide you liked my rants and raves by stumbling upon the post for episode six? (I'm sorry, people who were already following along. If multiple people are still reading this.) Alright, housekeeping over. Back to your regularly scheduled silliness!

Avatar S1E7: The Spirit World (Winter Solstice, Part 1)

Last time on Avatar, Katara taught us all that the systematically oppressed are not instant rebels, just add speeches. If you really want the people to rise up and crush their oppressor, give them weapons and let said oppressor provoke them himself with his unrelenting cruelty. Also, Zuko found Katara's necklace OH SNAP. This time, Katara observes dreamily how fluffy the clouds look, "like you could just jump down and you'd land in a big, soft, cottony heap." When Sokka wisecracks that she should try it, Aang actually does, coming back to dry himself with airbending and reporting simply, "Turns out clouds are made of water." I big puffy heart you, Aang.