Friday, November 2, 2012

Avatar S1E4: The Warriors of Kyoshi

Last time on Avatar, Aang discovered the second part of the show's title and everyone was awesome but Zhao. This time, Aang has no clue where he's going and the randomly placed Avatar sightings have led Zuko to believe that the kid must be "a master of evasion." This is what you'd call overestimating your enemy.

Sokka. Dude. Have you learned absolutely nothing from pissing your sister off so much that she demolished an iceberg just as collateral damage? Clearly not, as you can't seem to help running off at the mouth about gender roles while she is fixing your pants. Never insult a person who's in the middle of doing you a favor that involves the use of pointy objects. You're lucky all she did was throw your unfinished pants in your face. Whoa, how long has it been? Aang's already got Momo trained to get his marbles out of his shirt. Hee! I remember this line! "Relax, Sokka. Where we're going, you won't need any pants!"

Oh dear. Aang's attempt to impress Katara has nearly gotten him nommed by a very large something with a prominent dorsal fin and an appetite that's only been whetted by those three elephant koi. Run across that water, Aang! Even if the effort does make your face look like a Halloween mask. Wow, Aang can get dressed really quickly. Also they all just got snatched by awesome fan-bearing ninja people dressed in green. Sokka, your suicidal behavior appears to be escalating. You really don't want to insult people who have you tied to a pole. What does it even matter what gender of person captured you? You're tied to a damn pole, kid.

Hooray for Avatar Kyoshi! Female Avatars, represent! Whoa, "the Unagi"? That thing was a TUNA?! [Whoops, I've been informed that I got mixed up and unagi means eel. But still.] Daaaaaaaaaaaang. Hey look, it's Foamy! He's so excitable. Rather too excitable. Is he okay? Do people really foam at the mouth like that? Either he's fine or the rest of the crowd Aang's impressed with his airbending just doesn't give a shit, because nobody's even glancing over to see if he gets up. Maybe this happens all the time. Someone catches a big fish or finds a shiny rock and he's all *SHRIEK* *gurgle* *thud* and now they're all too jaded to care if he's got brain damage.

Uh oh, Zuko knows Aang's on Kyoshi by way of a very well-traveled fish! Blah blah Sokka's ego blah. Aang is totally going to let all this adulation go to his head. He's like a Beatle now. Can't even get his portrait taken without random children jumping in. Yay, Sokka's getting schooled! Oh, don't look that way, you big baby. You were begging for it. Huh, Aang's being faily right now and he didn't even seem to feel he was making a retort, but he is sort of the king of comebacks. Katara, responding to Aang declaring her jealous of all the fun he's having with his fans: "That's ridiculous!" Aang: "It is a little ridiculous, but I understand."

Aw, Sokka, I am so proud of you. That one warrior only had to whup your ass once for you to learn some humility. It warms my heart to see you earnestly bow and ask for her tutelage. Likewise, I love that Sokka wearing the warrior dress isn't just played as straight-up humiliation fodder: when he's told the meaning behind parts of the uniform, he puffs up with pride. Sure, it's instantly deflated when Aang pops by to say "Nice dress," but it's there. We see a culture with gravity and purpose behind its trappings being regarded with the respect it deserves rather than just a reason to put Sokka in a dress for some heteronormative laughs.

Oh, Aang. Don't go for the negative attention. Good for Katara for denying it to you. I can't remember if you're going to respond to your little spat by actually trying to ride the Unagi. This would be unwise. Hm, it seems that the warrior who whupped Sokka's ass before has some insecurities of her own. I would have preferred it if Sokka weren't able to block her yet. Sure, they can bond over sparring and whatnot, but I'd rather see this character have to tackle a steep learning curve than have it implied that the male Sokka may be taking to fighting quicker than the girl who's implied to be the best of the young Kyoshi warriors. He should get to be good at fighting to keep up with all the benders about, but I'm glad after that to see her instantly subdue him with that hand-grab move.

Aang, you fool, get out of the water! That monster tuna eel could swallow you without even realizing it did it! Ha, his little fans are bored by all his tricks and file away to find some other source of amusement. Holy CRAP, why do you call that thing Unagi?? It's a freaking sea serpent! [Calling it an eel is a gross understatement, so I stand by my mistaken freakouts! Also note that a giant toothy sea serpent just gets called an eel instead of something more descriptive. This is an interesting trend.] Go Katara, save Aang with your waterbending! And also spot Zuko's ship, which at least is attacking a village with legit warriors to defend it this time. Wow, waterbending makes it really simple to resuscitate a drowning victim. You just pull the water right out of their lungs. Aw: "Katara? Don't ride the Unagi. Not fun." That's so Aang.

Awww yeah, here come the Kyoshi warriors to knock the Fire Nation soldiers right off their triceratops rhino beasts! Their spears are no match for these ladies' fan skills. Unfortunately, the ability to generate fire with your hands and feet doesn't fall under the definition of strength one can use against one's opponent unless you have a room full of firecrackers to shove said opponent into. Ugh, Zuko. "These little girls won't save you"? I am disappoint, son. Nooooo, not the statue of Kyoshi! I mean, yeah, people's homes are also burning, but Kyoshiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! D:

This is beautiful: "I am a warrior, but I'm a girl, too." Wait, Sokka, treating her "like a girl" rather than a warrior = making disparaging comments at her? Good impulse to apologize, though. Hee, look at that blush! Sokka has a crush! Maybe the kiss on his cheek will shock her message deeper into his psyche. Wow, Aang, you've sure got a handle on the Unagi this time. Its...water barf? (ew) is putting out all the fires! Heh, this is definitely as cute a moment as it was meant to be, but I must point out that "stupid and dangerous" may have just become linked with Katara hugs in Aang's head. I have a feeling this silly unintended conclusion will make for some pretty amusing headcanon moments.

Tune in next post, when perhaps Aang will run with scissors to earn affection! :D

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