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Avatar S1E5: The King of Omashu

Last time on Avatar, Sokka really didn't need any pants where they were going because he ended up wearing the Kyoshi warrior dress in the end. This time, they're going to the Earth Kingdom of Omashu ZOMG BUMI SHOW ME THE BUMI.

Duuuuude, it's Cabbage Guy! I was all excited about Bumi and I didn't even remember that this was when this minor character showed up. I love this guy. Dude just earthbent his cabbage cart away in this ridiculously high arc after some very impressive cabbage-squashed-between-bare-hands action, which might make another vendor cower in fear, but all Cabbage Guy wants is to sell his precious cabbages. There's no fear for his life at the hands of the power-tripping guards; only for those poor doomed cabbages.

Bwahaha, ILU Aang! I love that he's so in character right now, and how Sokka is literally twitching with horror while Aang is yelling about how he's "got half a mind to turn [the guard] over [his] knee and paddle [his] backside." Also, much lulz for the guard telling Sokka that he ought to show some respect and carry his grandfather's bag. (Aang: "Good idea!") Also-also, I like to imagine that the guard who saw Momo's ears pop up out of the Oppa hair Aang's wearing went back to the vendor who sold him his tea that morning, demanded to know what he put in there and also that he never leave it out again.

Whee, it's Bebeh Bumi the Mad Genius! And of course it's time for some debauchery. What else is this giant slide maze package delivery system for? Besides, like, package delivery. Noooo, not the pot! There was clearly some fine detail work going on there! At least Aang said "sorry." Man, what did he use to adhere the Oppa hair to his head and face? It's not only staying on through all the whooshing and crashing but also a serious cat vs. Momo brawl.

Aw, look at Cabbage Guy, not a care in the world, cuddling his little cabbage friend. It's his special little veggie buddy who will never judge him, and he's got a whole new cart full! Until it gets smushed by Aang and friends. D: If this were Batman, he would totally rise up and become a cabbage-themed villain to make good on his vow to make them "pay for this." LOL! "Off with their heads - one for each head of cabbage!" I wonder if he's thought through where every head beyond the fourth would come from. Oooohhhh the king who is sitting in judgment has one squinty eye gee who does that resemble WHO COULD THIS ROYAL STRANGER BE??

Man, it's got to burn Cabbage Guy that these kids who killed his beloved cabbages have been rewarded with a feast. If cabbages were harder to replace, he would so become a villain to seek vengeance. Oh Sokka, bless you for laughing at that joke about how Kangaroo Island is really "hoppin'." Hmmm, bad puns aside, we have seen this guy act mad and we have now also seen him brilliantly reveal Aang as the Avatar by chucking a chicken leg at him. Signs of madness and of genius. WHO COULD HE BE.

Bwahahahaha, Mysterious Mystery King = trollface! Katara: You can't keep us here. Let us leave! Totally-Not-Bumi-Why-Would-You-Think-That: Lettuce leaf? *chomp* The horror! Not the "refurbished chamber that was once bad"! It's quite nice despite its lack of doors or windows. I have a strong suspicion that someone, somewhere has made a .gif out of Momo with his belly protruding from all the food he's consumed licking his partially eaten apple while reclining on a pillow. Like a boss. Aw, someone pull him back out of the air vent. Being stuck like that can't be comfortable.

OMG I LOVE this guy. He's just taken Aang's friends to who knows where and is about to lead him to his first of three deadly challenges, so of course it's time to cheerfully ask the kid's opinion on his outfit. Which, BTW, is flamboyantly purple and makes me love him even more. Oh no, Katara and Sokka have jewelry of doom! The idea of being gradually encased in stone is genuinely threatening. At the moment, though, the king is still rocking the Affably Evil thing the Mayor in Buffy had going for him, and I have mad love for the Mayor.

Um...okay, so Aang's first deadly challenge involves fetching the king's lunchbox key (y u lock ur lunchbox dude, just employ a taster like other monarchs) from inside a rushing waterfall over/in front of many sharp stalagmites, and when Aang tries to climb the ladder underwater, the king's response is to snark, "Ooh, climbing the ladder - nobody's ever thought of that before." So...does he give these challenges to non-Avatar people as well? Would non-benders of any kind be included? Because that looks pretty deadly to non-magical folk, and also to firebenders as they'd have no way to catch themselves before getting skewered. How many have died in pursuit of this hanging key??? Is this how you ensure that none of your subjects ever question any potentially nonsensical rulings?

This king really does seem like the type to name his pet Flopsy. Aw, poor scared bunny! Gettin' chased by a determined bald child as well as a giant lumbering bunny-eared horned tusked abominable fuzzy beast. I really like how quickly Aang's able to figure out that the giant scary thing is coming at him because he keeps calling it. Flopsy looks traumatizing to cuddle, though. Eeeeeee!!! Scratch that, whoever the king's voice actor is has now completely sold me on this thing's adorableness. Bring that big soft belly over here, Flopsy!

The potential opponent to the left looks kinda like a demonic Sokka. DUDE, it's like Sovereign Transformers up in here! The king is RIPPED! I can't even comment on how hard he's bringing it with the earthbending in this fight because I am too transfixed. We've got spikes coming out of the ground, sudden quicksand, walls of rock - and now Aang's made a twister! They have each come within a hair's width of killing the other. I'll play along and not comment on what this would mean for one side, but on Aang's side, wouldn't it be pretty traumatizing to have crushed some mentally ill monarch to death? Not to mention what would happen inside his head if he heard any Omash...ians? mourning their king by name.

Aw yeah, it's time to pull a Rumpelstiltskin up in here. Katara, <3! Even when facing imminent encasement in crystal, you are so positive and supportive! I love your reply to Sokka guessing that the king's name is Rocky ("You know, because of all the rocks!"): "We are gonna keep trying, but that is a good backup."

HOORAAAAAAAYYYYYY, AANG/BUMI HUG!!!!!!!! So many warm fuzzies! That feast really must've been huge, because it's been at least a night and part of a day since then and Sokka's not sampling any of the rock candy that's been creeping all around him. Oh man, all of King Bumi's lines. He tells Aang he hasn't "changed a bit - literally;" he responds to a clarifying question from Katara with, "Who're you calling old?!...Okay, I'm old;" and he declares that "it's very fun messing with people." <3<3<3 Never ever change, your kookiness! And Aang, you listen to your wise old mentor-friend: think like a mad genius.

Wheeee, you're never too old for rock slidey funtimes! Oops...poor Cabbage Guy. His cabbages lead such a transitory, uncertain existence. Come to think of it, even cabbages that haven't been randomly taken by unnatural causes would be as short-lived in the scheme of things. No wonder Cabbage Guy's so tightly wound. He must be in a constant state of existential crisis.

Tune in next post, when our merry band of cabbage killers unleash the full force of Bumi's trollish ways on the hapless Fire Nation army! Okay, no, but...please?

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